Who We Are


At August 1, 2015, IGTax attempts to place it self as a consultant for corporate development. IGTax consisting of professional and experts in the fields of law, taxation, customs, finance and management with sufficient abilitiy and experience is always faithful to accompany and exert every effort to help his clients design business.

recovery, while developing the potential and performance of its business, and in the face legal problems.

Fully supported by a number of experts, who have a lot of the experience both inside and outside the court, as well as legal counsel, public accountants, tax consultants, expert customs, banking, and other related consulting services committed to sharing their knowledge and experiences in order to create solutions for clients for clients and intergrated business focused on :

  • meeting clients’ expectations
  • protecting the interests of both individual and corporate, and
  • stimulating the growth of clients


With its clients and strategic partners, such as industry and trade associations, social organizations, business clubs, banks, investors and other professional bodies, We steps up to realize its vision to become a significant part in the process of developing the potential of business entities in Indonesia through the optimization of service capacity and expanded access operations.

We defines its operational mission as follows:

  • Provide and develop innovative services and quality solutions to generate the best benefits for the clients;
  • Improve the professionalism of human resources effectively and efficiently, and develop strategic partnerships for mutual synergies;
  • Create the best value for associates, partners, professionals, clients and other interested parties and stakeholders.


  • Provide consulting services, both litigation and non-litigation, consistently with high quality and professionalism.
  • Provide consulting services to solve the clients’ problems promptly, comprehensively and in accordance with the legislation in force.
  • Provide technical guidance to clients in order to improve regulatory compliance and continuous improvement of the work process.
  • Serve as a partner of the client and the government.


  • In addition to traditional consulting, We utilizes information technology in order to respond professionally to the needs of clients in the face of global competition.
  • We serves as an intermediary to bring access to investors and/or other business partners, either directly or through regular business meetings.
  • We is open, in the sense of a gateway for finding integrated solutions to the problems encountered by the business community, as well as being open to cooperation and coordination with other strategic partners through business meetings. These meetings are convened in popular forums and business discussions.
  • We contributes to the development of corporations in Indonesia by engaging various elements of the society, such as business analysts and practitioners, legislators, bureaucracy, and the media. This forum is established as a means of exchange of business information and to facilitate synergistic relationship between all parties.
  • We has established good professional relationships with the government bureaucracy, community agencies and industry associations.
  • We is supported by trained professionals who are experienced in handling cases of various matters, providing guidance and consultation to assist clients in the context of dynamically and continuously developing their business.


We provide comprehensive tax services to individuals, large and small businesses and other enterprises. We developed services tailor-made for planning and evaluating a company’s performance, particularly in the field of importation and exportation. We provide excellent accounting services for both taxation and administrative purposes utilizing latest computerized programs. We build the strategic capabilities, analytics, and workforce planning you need to succeed. We work closely with our clients presenting cost-cutting possibilities and allowing them to pay attention to strategic legal issues and streamlining their processes.  We offer various training in the fields of Tax, Customs, Accounting, Management and Legal.


Throughout the years, we have earned the trust of numerous companies which engage in various fields. In a nutshell, the profile of our clients is as follows:

  1. Government companies engaged in concrete construction and property development, vehicles and property lease, insurance, toll road operator and energy.
  2. Companies listed on the stock exchange engaged in financing, lifestyle retailer, insurance, textile, automotive, mining, securities, banks, investment, media, manufacturing and medicine.
  3. Domestic companies engaged in mining, insurance and insurance broker, financing and banks, textile, construction, property development, real estate, artist management, mining, manufacturing, chemical, telecommunication station management, human resource management, public transportation, private air transportation and charter service, food, energy and electronic.
  4. Foreign investment companies engaged in textile, garment, mining, electrical, software development, computer, steel, automobile spare parts, industrial pipe parts, medical devices, car, chemical, plastic, wheat flour, energy, e-commerce and food.
  5. Expatriates in their respective status as employees and entrepreneurs.
  6. Indonesian nationals in their respective status as employees, government officials, politicians, artists and entrepreneurs.

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