• In addition to traditional consulting, T-PLAN utilizes information technology in order to respond professionally to the needs of clients in the face of global competition.
  • IGTAX serves as an intermediary to bring access to investors and/or other business partners, either directly or through regular business meetings.
  • IGTAX is open, in the sense of a gateway for finding integrated solutions to the problems encountered by the business community, as well as being open to cooperation and coordination with other strategic partners through business meetings. These meetings are convened in popular forums and business discussions.
  • IGTAX contributes to the development of corporations in Indonesia by engaging various elements of the society, such as business analysts and practitioners, legislators, bureaucracy, and the media. This forum is established as a means of exchange of business information and to facilitate synergistic relationship between all parties.
  • IGTAX has established good professional relationships with the government bureaucracy, community agencies and industry associations.
  • IGTAX is supported by trained professionals who are experienced in handling cases of various matters, providing guidance and consultation to assist clients in the context of dynamically and continuously developing their business.